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Posted by:Mitch
Posted on: 24 Mar 2009
I'm kind of surprised that nobody sees and agrees with my point, but so be it.

No, I can't resist clarifying a little. You folks are treating this like a chat room, rather than the R. Hell Site forum. If you want to do nothing but tease and goof and kid with each other you can do that in broadcast emails, or any kind of instant messaging.

It's not like it's being stuffy to say that, no matter how much you make fun of me for it. And I did not say that Richard himself has to be the subject of posts. As written on the board page, posts should just have some relevence to the material on the site. That covers a LOT of ground--novels (Nathanael West, Dennis Cooper, Hell and so on), movies (Godard or anyone interesting and so on), music (Hell's bands and all the CBGB and punk bands and anyone interesting and so on), poetry (Lautreamont, Ron Padgett, Hell and so on). And so on. But there should be a thread of a certain common ground based in some vague Hell-connection. Does anyone actually look at the site?

But if someone new who's actually interested in relevant things comes here and sees that the postings are on the level of "Just kidding, I didn't have cereal for breakfast" and "my next-door neighbor is boring" and "I got a haircut today" they won't contribute anything and they'll never come back.

But anyway, just like the hypothetical people I'm talking about, I'll shut up now.

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