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Ron Padgett

Posted by:Slimedog (‘jvacca@rcn.com’)
Posted on: 24 Mar 2009
I do see now that my previous pledge to promote a better forum has lacklustardly fallen by the wayside. Everything Mitch says is true, and for me to promise meaningless proclamations will not change the situation, which is very dire, no one can deny.

It makes me feel hopeless and I don't know if just having the desire to change is enough. Obviously, it's hasn't helped a bit and we've failed miserbly at the task of posting on this forum and I, probably the worst of a sorry bunch indeed.

I will not post about my haircut (though I am getting one tomorrow) or my cereal eating (though I have to do that instead of the vanilla wafers, better for the bowls, you see) or my nice young neighbors Chris & Andrea (yeah, their a little noisy at times but they're young).

I think if we all think of Mitch's suggestions, and remember he's just pointing out some common sense facts, we can all make this forum a safer, saner sanctuary.

So let's pull together, we don't want this forum to go the way of the other one, if you must mention your haircut maybe mentions Richard's as well or ponder what cereal he might buy or even what Lautremont might purchase at a modern supermarket! See, it's so easy if we try!

Good luck to everyone, if we pull together, we can suceed!

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