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Posted by:Marty Thau (‘mtredstar7@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 12 Sep 2009
Perhaps Destiny Street Repaired will improve upon the original version but in defense of Alan Betrock’s original production, Robert Palmer, the New York Times music critic, wrote in 1982 that Destiny Street was the third best record of the year. Lester Bangs chimed in with "the music on this album is some of the strongest, truest rock & roll I’ve heard in ages. Like most great rock & roll, it stands alone; there are influences, not all of them musical and many of them literary; in fact this is some of the most honest music I have heard in some time. The toughness of
the music is just defensive armor, courtesy of the searchlight-destructive tag-team of Robert Quine and Ivan Julian on guitars, who have slashed out some of the most fitfully dangerous rock & roll I've heard this decade.”

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