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hey hey, hur lan tay

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 18 Sep 2009
This shit is seriously amusing. I have not yet had the time to listen to the songs, but I certainly will.

However, as a seriously over-committed person who once in a while still manages to moderate the forum, I want to make a suggestion and comment:

As Roy said, there's a limit to the amount of self-promotion we can really allow on here, and your thread is getting very, very long.

As I haven't had the time nor inclination to investigate at length, I wonder if there's a MAIN home page/site for you that contains links to all these songs and lyrics? Looks like there should be, based on your URL. If there isn't, you ought to build one/fix it so that visitors to your main page can check out all the songs.

You might also considering putting up a blog somewhere really public and easy to find, like blogger or wordpress, where you can link to this stuff, too.

Then, instead of posting daily links and lyrics HERE (which there will have to be an end to), you should come post a greeting and link to your home page. You could include some of your song titles in the body of the post, for instance. Then, STOP posting the songs here.

That way, the forum doesn't get all filled up with this, and a Hell visitor looking for you or your songs, who does a search HERE, will find the useful post that has a single link to your main page/site. We just can't support sort of endless postings of personal poetry/song links.

Thanks for your understanding!


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