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You didnt miss THAT much !

Posted by:Deborah olin (‘do11214@aol.com’)
Posted on: 13 Jan 2003
You didnt miss that much.!!!! There were some really good bands and hundreds and hundreds of AWFUL CRAP Shit bands.,new ones every week. And it was a short fun era at least in N.Y.C. I can only speak of. When the scene got popular a thousand assholes came down on the weekends to "see" what was going on. And in the end though there were some great bands., SOME., and alot of creativity and brilliance.., BUT when all was said and done there was not one Jimi Hendrix.., just for instance. I hardly call Johnny Thunders a musical genius. Do you know what I mean because Johnny was one of the most interesting and unique musicians., character really. No Rolling Stones or even a Led Zep., just a bunch of kids that got lucky to be in a good place at the right time., but only now "PUNK" is reconized as a legit form of music., though they all suck pretty much. When it was all over I had a over a dozen "new" albums that were great "Blank Generation" definitly on the top but Im shure glad I still had my Hendrix and old Rolling Stones (with Brian Jones) and Terry Reid albums to mention a few. If you want to morn something morn Jimi Hendrix...,if you want to talk about greatness!!!!!!

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