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Posted by:Matthew (‘iron.juella90@gmail.com’)
Posted on: 7 Nov 2007
I turned 23 a couple of months ago. A very young age, relative to a lifetime, but its got me thinking, even feeling old at times believe it or not. When you're at a party and realise everybody else is 18 or 19 its strange. I guess I'm worried one of these days I'll do or say the kind of things I did when I was 18 and somebody will give me a look like "how the fuck old are you??". Silly I suppose... I've wasted the last 4 or 5 years for the most part too, to tell the truth.

They say youth is wasted on the young. My way of phrasing it would be "youth is wasted when you're young!"

And yeah, I really dont want to grow up too much either. Rather than "I hope I die before I get old" maybe a better way of saying it is "I hope I die before I grow up". I better shut up, I'm just re-writing everybody! ;-)

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