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Lizzy Mercier too bad to know

Posted by:maurizio vetrugno (‘vetrugno@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 21 Nov 2007
I fell very early under the spell of Lizzy Mercier. I've learned only tonight of the passing away and it's going to be a sad night indeed for me. I didn't know her directly but certainly I remember Harry Cover where I bought the Buzzcock's EP, Nico's badges and a newly published copy of Patti Smith's Witt. Between the pages of this there was a pic of Lizzy like a boy, stretching arms with Patti. Like in the day of the First Communion. It was Rimbaud but it was also fun, like jumping off the wall. And it was a bit of Haute Couture too.
I fell very early under the spell. Everywhere I go I brought a copy of Mambo Nassau and Press Colour in cassette or whatever the medium of the time. For me it was the epitome of everything is Brilliant Young and Fresh FOREVER. Sparkling all over with joy. And still is, like a ever-rejuvenating soul. Everytime I felt sad the simple idea of Lizzy Mercier, free as a kindred spirit around the world, made easiest the weight.I'm an artist. On my first solo show, back in Bologna in summer 1981 by chance Arto Lindsay, Tim Wright and a bunch of glorious guys attended (lovely Anton Fier among them). They were around town playing a gig the day after and surely hadn't a better place to party for that night and the soundtrack all over was a Mambo Nassau loop tape, over and over again.Like a delicious sonic drug. I don't know.... it's such a pity, the chance of having another couple of songs, sooner or later, with Lizzy one may never know.
My sister Fatima will be joining this penseè d'amour pour elle. Elle nous manquera.

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