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Silent Auction

Posted by:Paul Delgado (‘doctorlove616@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 25 May 2008
These are some notes I took down from what I saw yesterday at The Silent Auction.

-Richard Hell performed "Time"(one of his best songs in my opinion)as well as a tremendous reading from his latest book.

-Two lovely women having a battle of the "checks."(whatever that means)

-They call themselves "Legends."

-Terrific music. Strange, transcendent and live!

-Repetition of lyrics. It's getting louder, give me more! Louder, Louder! The music has stopped...here comes more.

-Franklyn Bruno.(reminds me of Elvis Costello)

-Didn't expect Franklyn to be so energetic.

I didn't catch the first performers name but she was also tremendously talented. She had on a Obama t-shirt.

-Paul Delgado.

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