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What WAS that punk documentary???

Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 24 Nov 2008
Anyone remember this one? Went out on UK tv circa 1995, had interview footage of Hell in it, I think he was wearing that dim stars period 'acid trash' shirt, and also some footage of Jerry Nolan talking about the Pistols, surprisingly graciously as it turns out, enthusing about Rotten as a front man and the way he'd vex an audience by stopping and slowly shifting thru the change in his pockets to see if he had the bus fare home. I think Johansen featured in it also. I only saw it the once, was it bootlegged at all? There was also a good one around that time about glam, which included a snippet of Gary Glitter's short-lived acting career (ineptly kung fu fighting some heavies in his boudoir as I recall)

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