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Who do you love?

Posted by:antoine (‘walouzoltanar@aol.com’)
Posted on: 29 Jan 2009
Well i guess people here don't spend their time only listening to Richard's great records...

Now is time for you to share the artists you dig the most,no censorship allowed,if you love Madonna,don't be ashamed,she even played in a movie with Hell before she hit the charts!

To name a few today:Johnny Thunders(this guy was a legend in France where he used to tour a lot in the 1980's),Clash,the Saints,Elliott Murphy(who lives in Paris),Arthur Lee & Love,the Flamin'Groovies(stars in France,almost complete unknowns in their hometown of SF),the Stranglers,Ramones,Buzzcocks and so on...

Your turn now!

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