X.com PayPal is a guaranteed safe way of ordering merchandise over the Web via your Visa or MasterCard. It is absolutely free to the buyer and is the most widely used service of its kind (over seventeen million internet users). Signup is quick and simple: once the buyer provides an email address (guaranteed private) and a password, along with credit card data, he or she will always be able to instantly charge orders. Only PayPal ever sees the credit card info--they handle transactions independently and then relay shipping details and payment to the seller. We confirm receipt of the order to the buyer via email and normally ship the package within 24 hours.

There is no "shopping cart" feature at present, though. A buyer must order separately and pay shipping charges for each different item ordered, though if you order multiple numbers of a given item you'll be charged only one shipping charge. Our PayPal credit card shipping per order is always $5.00, via U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail, or Priority insured when order is $50 or more.

But, to avoid excess shipping charges on a PayPal order of multiple items of merchandise, you may use PayPal's "send money" feature: do the addition as per mail order forms ($5.00 shipping/handling first item plus $1.00 each additional item) and "send money" via PayPal to merch followed by @ followed by richardhell.com (we describe our email address this way to evade spiders who would take the address to send us spam) with list of merchandise and shipping address.

Also, the automatic (button-click) ordering is only for U.S. residents now, but PayPal has instituted International Payments, and if your country is among those in the program (see their list of countries with PayPal availability) you can now order. If you're outside the U.S. and a PayPal customer, please write us at orders followed by @ followed by richardhell.com for postage charges and simple ordering instructions.
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