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Posted by:fred (‘frederique.mayer67@orange.fr’)
Posted on: 24 Mar 2009
i just got my computer ;suffer too much to stay sit down but thinking of you;
hei to mona too!
hope you 're all fine ;the best on this earth;
last week they showed maupassant and sunday i just tried to walk a little bit and saw an ad for a movie of james bond with carole bouquet!
and yesterday suddenly my mother said well where is the girl who have a song you remenber "où sont passées les gazelles";i was so surprised everybody forget her here (france);it was the girlfriend of richard!i said to my mother tomorrow i will show you something.and today the computer works but when i went to you tube i saw no video with the heartbreakers;it's impossible to saw it now;well i havent it!
it's incredible so many guys in the music speak french and it's so difficult language;well many lived here and a lot have french girlfriends;
my lovely friend from australia it's incredible for me to see how your french is good;merci beaucoup;je t'adore;je t'ecris dés que je peux;bisous

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