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Look Closer

Posted by:MmeL'Enfer
Posted on: 25 Mar 2009
And you'll find that most people actually did, in fact,
concede you have a valid point. To me, this clarification
is unnecessary, as that is basically what you said
beforehand, more or less.

Now, intentions regarding the forum aside on all sides,
don't you think you should introduce yourself and
participate a little, perhaps start a thread or two
preceding your complaints, as opposed to appearing
out of the blue at a forum (occupied by five regulars
at best) and telling these how said forum should be
run. That's my opinion, anyway.

I wouldn't call it stuffy, but, unless I'm mistaken, nobody
even knows who you are here yet. If you don't like this
forum, find another or make one of your own.

Of course we look at the site-- I've scoured and trawled
it for all it's worth.

I suppose, what I'm trying to say is, introduce yourself
first at least. Otherwise what you're saying appears quite

Regards, Mme

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