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forum and me

Posted by:Mitch
Posted on: 25 Mar 2009
Maybe I'm over sensitive but it did seem to me that the main reaction to my original post about trying to stick to forum topic was to mock me.

Also people kept responding as if I was "setting rules" and the rules were that everything had to be about Hell. This is why I wrote again to clarify. I wasn't setting rules. I was just trying politely to nudge the postings away from much off-topic smalltalk towards the subject. The description of the forum on its page specifically asks that people posting write messages that are "related to site content." Recently we've had thread after thread that way waters down the usefulness and interest of the board. I'm not being rude. People seem attractive and fun but why is this forum board here? There are plenty of places to chat, including private email, is all I'm saying. There've been great posts too and relevant ones. I'm just saying lets try to keep that the focus.

I've been posting here since about 2000. Do a search of the forum for "Mitch". At first I posted as Mitchell, but someone else was doing that too a little so I switched to Mitch.

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