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hi so great!

Posted by:fred (‘frederique.mayer67@orange.fr’)
Posted on: 25 Mar 2009
salut feel not very well but always so much glad when i read you,you're a wonderful person.
maupassant is a famous french writer;
for the video oh so lovely yes ;i can give you my adress in private?you're sweet;
i have some friends perhaps they have something on richard because if now the tv for the music is not interesting it was in the early's 80.amazing !so i'm sure ;i found an old tape from one of my friend didn't remenber about it;we have a band from Rennes the best place for me with angouleme;called kalasnikov it was crazy i think the first time i was proud to be french (well i don't forget Rimbaud).and interview,songs with a band called londoncowboys;i love them;so great;the singer hum!!!!!!he speaks french;do you know them?
it's incredible all the people in the music who speak french;for us it's so hard to learn it ;so for me it's incredible like you how you're intelligent;
i have a friend but too busy now i think with his music and people who must to ask him ALWAYS about johnny thunders.but probably he saw richard;he lives too far from me;and have stuff on him i think,too much busy;for my birthday he sent me stuff on johnny and rare french fanzine with interview of richard during the heartbreakers;it's a french who was the photograph ,so i think rare photos;so if you want ask me and i will send you a copy;the title catch them because they re alive;!!!!well good night everybody

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