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walter lure

Posted by:fred (‘frederique.mayer67@orange.fr’)
Posted on: 4 Apr 2009
no choice not enough money for live;his live is music and he prefer to be in a band than wall street but when he said to me i must to pay my bill;i 'm not sure i think he bought a house now so i'm very happy for him;don't forget ,he played for johnny but often johnny didn't pay them!!!!!so you live with what?but he always prefer i repeat to be in a band than wall street;but his band doen't get enough money for live;i don't know if you knew johnny,he could be very lovely person but very bad person too not easy to play with him;a friend of mine said to me a day all people who are around johnny are into drugs excepted my friend;perhaps wal want to stop the drugs too i don't know;i heard so much real things by my friends about johnny,that 's probably walter wrote songs and johnny didn't credit him;!
have a nice night

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