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Posted by:antoine (‘walouzoltanar@aol.com’)
Posted on: 6 Apr 2009
Walter's main problem,i think,was the fact he used to drink a lot.I'm quite sure the guy doesn't take any drugs nowadays(and he never had Johnny & Jerry's nasty habits).When i was younger,i got to meet Henri-Paul a bunch of times,as he was a Parisian & used to hang around in the french clubs like the infamous Gibus,where Johnny had his headquarters when he was in Paris.

Geraldine is right when she says Walter's Gibson riffs were an essential part of the Heartbreakers'wall of sound & he penned such killer tunes as"take a chance" or"can't keep my eyes on you"(he often introduced this one as"can't keep my cock in your face",a true punk if there was one!)

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