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Pink Walrusus

Posted by:Slimedog (‘jvacca@rcn.com’)
Posted on: 7 May 2009
Wonderful choices, Mrs. Hell, glad to see your up on the current top of the pops!

Good Bowie but Low & Diamond Dogs are my faves(and in an interview by Bowie, his also). Great P.I.L. album, I think a lot of folks don't know how influential they were at the time, I saw more influence by them in Boston than the Pistols had.

I've been listening (right now also) to that Clash-Fort Bragg/Combat Rock thing you put us on to. I had all of the Clash except that album and not the extra tracks which are some of the best stuff. I never heard Car Jamming (part of the proper album) and I really love that tune. Thanks.

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