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Patti the CARTOON

Posted by:Paige Turner (‘nicohaupt62@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 25 May 2009
saw dream of life . . . well the first forty five minutes or so til i realized how insufferable ahe has become. Couldn't take her "persona" as an artist haranguing me any more?

To see her in her element and realize what a star fucker she is, was truly dissapointing. First saw her in 78 and forgave her having a shitty band because you know her heart was in the right place and all that . . . probably have seen her a dozen times over the years and what kills me about her current crop of fans that attend her shows is that they are divided by earnest intense young lesbians that buy the personal is political BS hook line and sinker & aging overweight white mails trying to channel the daze of their youth when they had a hard on for her (Earth to these bozos . . . there's a reason you cant get it up anymore and it starts with the flabby couple of inches protruding over your belt?)

all in all a truly sordid spectacle . . . when it comes to patti best stick to the memories because she cant walk the walk any more and would rather drop SHOULD bombs on people than grace their imaginations with the SEE of possibility

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