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Posted by:Mona D. (‘mona.kaariainen@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 26 May 2009
thanks for that!! He looked amazing! When was that shot? He's cut his hair? YAY, I hated the long hair, no offence.
Anyway, just wanted to come by and say HI and that I haven't forgotten you guys and most importantly I haven't forgotten about RICHARD! I'm just now reading parts of Hot & Cold again and trying to figure out what he means by the stuff that he writes... But as he said; If you understand it. it's not poetry. Haha.
And I've been listening to "Monkey" A LOT lately, I think the lyrics are so amazing.. I just can't help but smiling in the part "I swear I held my own hand pretending it was yours"... So cute.
I wanna meet Richard :-)

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