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Posted by:Steve Taylor
Posted on: 8 Jun 2009
I worked on the cover art for Richard's album for Sire records. In one meeting we got into a rip roaring argument on where a photo on the back sleeve should be cropped. Basically,...where a line should fall. I think both of us were pretty loaded. I'll speak for myself,...I was pretty loaded. We started out in The A&R guy's office on the upstairs level and we got pretty loud pretty fast. I had noticed right off the bat that Richard must have cut his lip shaving,...obviously,...some time before he'd gotten to the Sire Records offices. Once we started,...he probably wiped his hand across it and opened the wound back up. We started, verbally, really going at each other,...to the point where the A&R guy,...after trying to repeatedly quiet us down several times,...made us go down into a soundproof studio they had on the premises. Richard's upper lip was foaming with blood and what not. He was totally oblivious to it and I was so pissed off at him that I let it fester and didn't say a word,...hoping he would be embarassed about it at some point, I suppose. Which is precisely what happened. We argued for two hours about where that fucking line should fall until the Sire records guy,...who had hung with us throughout the argument,...couldn't take it any more and called it all to a halt. Informing Richard at that point that he was bleeding pretty badly from the lip and encouraging him to clean himself up and let the debate go. I knew that I would lose the argument. I mean,...it was his album, not mine and I got the reaction I wanted when Richard reacted to the news of his sliced lip. They obviously didn't use my cover art. But I got the kill fee and they did use elements of my work throughout the package and I got to have a lot of really intense conversations with Richard, both argumentative and otherwise,...which was, of course, totally cool. Because he is one of the coolest people on the planet.
I'm fairly certain that he has no recollection of any of the above. But, I always think of him that way, though,...real intense,...wearing those shades,...bleading from the lip,...right in my face.

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