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regarding Quine issue

Posted by:Richard Hell (‘rhell@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 13 Jul 2009
I am not trying to completely suppress the original recording. I expect to make it available in some form eventually, but I did intend to replace it for most purposes with this new one.

There's not too much point in arguing the relative values of the two versions until the arguers have heard the new one though.

No one appreciates Quine more than me--in fact for many years I was just about the only one who fully appreciated him (with possible exception of Lester Bangs). But even Quine needed an appropriate showcase and he didn't get that on the original DESTINY STREET. My problem with that record wasn't Quine per se, but rather how he was used (and anyway, I'd bet that half the people protesting the loss of his lead parts can't distinguish them from Naux's). If he were still around, he'd be a prominent soloist on this new record, but he isn't around.

I stand behind this record as a replacement for the original version. It's a better representation of the material. I believe most people will agree with me when they hear it, though doubtless there will be some who won't. Even I will grant that there are a few qualities of the original that this version couldn't better, but they are few, and on the whole the new one is clearly superior.

Kisses to all!!!

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