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Richard Insults Himself . . .

Posted by:Unvarnished Truth
Posted on: 18 Jul 2009
with his recent behavoir?

Picasso had his Blue stage . . .
well this is Richard's New Coke stage

ref.: metaphor for "classic" marketing screw up of all time

I've been a fan of Richard since i saw Tell A Vision 35 years ago. I respect and admire Richard.

HELL is not about getting his ass kissed anyway.

He's made a mistake, not of ASSthetics but of marketing and he's a big enough man to handle it when he's called to account.

I wonder who he "respects" more
People that share honest IMPressions of disappointment
or jane come lately fan-girls* who just want to tell him how grate he is

* sorry, MmeL'Enfer, i got no problem with You, BUT I DO GOT A PROBLEM with Richard's approach to his "new" record

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