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Blank Generation revisited?

Posted by:John
Posted on: 23 Jul 2009

If I understand my punk histories correctly, two versions of the Blank Generation LP that we know and love were recorded, and the final LP primarily consists of recordings from the second sessions. Is that correct?

And if it is, what are the chances of the unreleased stuff seeing the light of day in an expanded edition one day? I can't imagine this would not be a great thing.

Similarly (and apologies if this has been done to death) but it boggles my mind that the other half of the Neon Boys recordings remain unreleased. I gather Tom Verlaine is the stumblong block as they're his songs but the 3 songs we already have are so amazing it's inconceivable that they wouldn;t enhance his legend. I truly don't get it. It all seems too perverse for words.

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