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Burgundy Baboons

Posted by:Slimedog (‘jvacca@rcn.com’)
Posted on: 17 Aug 2009
If you've just stumbled upon this it's a great find. What's interesting to me is that it's during the period when Bowie was seriously getting into cocaine and I wonder if some of the imagery is created by drug psychosis but just a theory, you see.

His best next to Low according to me, and quite awhile back in an interview Bowie picked both those albums as his favorites. Certainly Bowie in his prime and getting by without the great Mick Ronson (that's Bowie playing on Rebel Rebel). Sweet Thing melody is probably the best but Big Brother followed by the Chant really great too. I'd omit Rock N Roll with Me but would keep the rest, one of my favorite albums.

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