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Destiny Street Repaired

Posted by:Aaron Justice (‘nebulosa_diluculo@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 1 Sep 2009
I already had this message typed with a bit more detail, and contemplation, but somehow I erased it so here is a summation (because I find it's harder to wax poetic in the second round).

I just received my copy of Destiny Street repaired today. I've listened through a couple times. I'm enjoying it thoroughly, and honestly probably shouldn't make any declarations until I've set on it a couple days.

There are a few tracks that I doubt I'll be able to see being and improvement on the original (or the spurts version) FOR ME (time, downtown at dawn,K.W.T.R.H., and L.C.D.) but it was clear that this was more for Richard and the album than people, so critiques are a waste of time. I know how that feels to have something you've done, and cringe at parts when others are enjoying them (i'm 23 and there are early cds of my band and my attempting to sing at 19 floating around town). Anyway, while listening, most every time I gave a cock-eyed glance at my record player it was at a guitar part. His voice, is endearing, and has a new, aged, thickness that I honestly love and would love to hear on some new music! I'm a huge fan of Hell's art in all forms, my new copy of Godlike is now well worn (my old copy at the other side of the country to my Oregon pen pal that i write with, she didn't know Hell as a writer, people need to), and I imagine this record wont stray far from the player. The highlight of listening to "Repaired" for me was without a doubt "Staring in Her Eyes" it was my favorite on the original "Destiny Street" and Hell just crushed that version with this new release, this version is fantastic. Of course there "fresher" versions of "I Gotta Move", "Going, Going, Gone", "I Can Only Give You Everything (also a vast improvement on the original)", and "Ignore That Door." All so good!
So, thank you Richard.
Ready to read some more too..you've been a huge influence on my writing.

Aaron (from Ashland, Ky)

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