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Quine issue

Posted by:Richard Hell (‘rhell@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 1 Sep 2009
First, I addressed most of what you say here in a post at www.richardhell.com/cgi-bin/forum/showmessage.asp?messageID=10330.

Also, as I've said a few places, one idea I originally had was to release both versions as a double-disc release. But I realized that that would just feed the mostly irrelevant arguments about the guitar playing. I didn't bring out the new CD to stage a cage match with the old one. I've been pretty clear about why I brought out the new one.

To me it's ironic that people get up in arms about this new version. No one was buying the old one. It sold probably thirty copies a year. It was a lousy record, except for one or two performances (the first two songs on the album were the only ones I considered leaving alone). It didn't do much for Quine's reputation. His solos were muddied in the mix and they were way short of his best work anyway. Plus, very nearly HALF the solos are Naux's. Everybody gets all outraged about replacing Quine's playing, as if he were the only soloist. This is part of what makes all this a bit nuts and ironic to me: people acting so reverent about Quine in the situation, when half the playing they're talking about is actually by someone else!

Once this DESTINY STREET REPAIRED has sold out its first printing I'll see what interest in record companies there is in a re-release of the original. Someone'll bring it out. There is nothing to remaster. The original owner of the recordings, Red Star records, lost everything. They didn't care. The only form in which the original record exists now is the digital files that make up CDs.

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