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Posted by:Richard Hell (‘rhell@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 1 Sep 2009
I can't keep going around in circles about this stuff, but I'll address again these points of yours:

"if the original DESTINY STREET was so flawed in your thinking that it needed repair, why not either (a) remix and remaster the material,"

There are no multitrack tapes of the original to remix. Red Star Records lost them (as Sire Records lost the multi-tracks of BLANK GENERATION). Red Star, when I was able to wrest the rights to the album back from them, claimed they didn't even have the simple two-track tape used to master LPs/CDs. The only version of the original record now in existence is the electronic files on CDs. So there's no true remastering to be done either. I tried improved the versions of three songs from the original DESTINY that I put on SPURTS by some judicious editing, a tiny musical addition here and there, and by some messing with EQ a bit. But, because there are no two-track tapes, even a simple re-master is impossible.

"or (b) simply start from scratch? If the original recordings are just 'rhythm tracks' on the new edition, I would imagine you and Fred Maher could probably redo those in a matter of days, and a fresh re-do of the album would have avoided the whole Robert Quine controversy that troubles many of your fans (myself included, to be honest)."

"Rhythm tracks" refers to bass, drums, and the two rhythm guitars (Quine & Naux). Why would I replace those? They're good. In fact the whole point was that I miraculously found a tape of just those rhythm tracks. I didn't want to re-record the whole album. That's something entirely different, and I couldn't afford to do it even if I wanted to.

"Similarly, just remixing the material and redoing some of the vocals would allow you to fix what was shaky in the original album and clean up the audio while retaining Quine's performances."

I've explained why this was impossible.

"Given these possible options, why offer this revised, partly rerecorded edition instead?"

Again, as I've explained, those options didn't exist.

I feel like it's futile and kind of a time-waste to respond to people getting overheated about this project of mine. I don't think they're usually being rational. The fact is, I was just trying to make the record something I could stand listening to. I succeeded. The new record, all told, is better than the old one. Sure it would have been great instead to re-mix the old one and bring in Quine to improve on some of the emotionless and unfocused guitar solos. But there are no tapes to remix, and Quine is dead. Why don't you get furious at him for offing himself, instead of at me for making that record better?

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