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Posted by:Oldest Forum MEMEber (‘obeygiant2005@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 2 Sep 2009
I hope your Destiny is Repaired and your recent CD sells out and funds a blissful retirement and your daughters college education, Richard, BUT . . .

I'm willing to interrupt BOTH of our busy lives to issue this chalenge, Richard,

I would love to sit down with you and old master tapes and I bet I could very quickly identify where Quine is playing guitar solos and where someone else is playing

You seem particularly irked by some of your fans getting up in arms over this point and I think it belies some unresolved personal issues you have with
Quine AND an implicit unconscious agreement with people that are a little put off by titling this remastered record 'REPAIRED" . . . it isn't, it's just different and your fans see through the IMPlication that it is improved.

I won't be buying this new CD but I am certainly interested in hearing it. Who knows, maybe I'll make a FrIEND of mine buy it so "supporting" your mistake won't be on my CONscience!

I was one of your earliest admirers, I've always admired your ambiguity and ambivalence ESPecially to the shibbeloth of the rock iCON as shamanistic messiah
but while your lyrics touched me from the start they were made manifest by a profound physicality that the music conveyed as a complete package.

Good luck, Richard, even tho your train of thought on this matter has veered off coarse?

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