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repaired (reply to o.p.)

Posted by:Aaron Justice (‘nebulosa_diluculo@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 4 Sep 2009
Last time I checked "repaired" wasn't synonymous with improved. Not that this album couldn't be considered an improvement in many aspects.(I have my own opinion about the guitar parts, I thought some of the original Quine/Naux parts were as integral to the songs as the vocal melodies) It is repaired (I assume) because it is more akin to the artists original concept than the initial recorded, and maybe it can never really be what it was meant to be, but how can anyone argue? Honestly, I'll take Quines work on the tracks over the newer stuff. I do like the original better, but I have my original Destiny Street vinyl, and I have Repaired. I can discuss them, I can bitch about them, and I can respect them independently of one another. I'm also kind of getting a kick out of the backlash from the title of the album.

I'm more interested in what Richard has to say about revisiting these tracks, singing them. How about the track destiny street itself ha ha, a self fulfilling prophecy!

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