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Posted by:Aaron Justice (‘nebulosa_diluculo@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 4 Sep 2009
P.s. I know technically repaired would be considered synonymous with improved under normal circumstances.. so technically that didn't really make sense, but fuck it you guys know what I mean. I meant to say in the instance of art. The same rules don't apply in art. It's all independent perception, the artist having the final say. As the one that knew what it meant even though I was unclear in writing it, I had to be the one that pointed it out.

So, whatever, I suck, skip using that as your point to take for whatever argument comes next. Because the real point that needs to be made isn't I was technically incorrect.

Repaired isn't synonymous with improved WHEN DEALING WITH ART.

Being snide never works out for me..

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