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Posted by:Aaron Justice (‘nebulosa_diluculo@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 5 Sep 2009
Excellent, I look forward to reading them.
I'd heard the story about Hell and Miller before.

Hmm I don't know what it would matter if fans were right or wrong about Quines solos if they are beloved If it was a justification for changing them (i'm guessing it has to do with repaired) I think Richard is probably a smart enough man to know that whether it was Quine or not only plays a small part in people's overall affection for the music. (likewise people should think enough of him to not base their entire argument over dismissing Quine and tell him that they just love the work, whether or not they know for a fact who is playing what note) I hope he would think enough of his fans to not sincerely use that as misdirection.

I wasn't apologizing for anyone, though.

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