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new sound

Posted by:hurlante nova (‘vivre107ans@gmail.com’)
Posted on: 11 Sep 2009

In a kind day
You met a kind girl
and this kind girl
have a kind smile
you got to the park with the lovely girl
and then
you met people
who walk on
cool flowers

the kind girl
want to kiss you
and you kiss her smoth lips

then the kind people walk on your kind flowers and
watch out your girl
and then your so jalous

then find other park
with other flowers and may be tries
and then fine girl
tell you something strange
she ask you if you yould like to go
with her in a fine town
if the fine girl
ask you that
have to ask yourself
the folowing and important question
where did people go ?
who is behind the miror ?

the kind men find kind girl
didn't knew that she was the slave of another bad master
If you've got spicy in your brain
know that the way you take
bring you to the evil's girls

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