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Posted by:Roy Suggs (‘admin@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 12 Sep 2009
That quotation from Lester was written about the Blank Generation album and was published in 1977, five years before the release of Destiny Street. The whole article/review is printed in the booklet to Hell's Spurts. It's weird, but maybe revealing, that you, if you are Marty Thau, who had a long complicated role in the record's history and usually list it conspicuously in your self-description, would not recognize that that quote could not have been about Destiny Street, because the quote credits Ivan Julian with guitar and Ivan Julian did not play on Destiny Street.

Quine did say in an interview that he'd played a copy of Destiny for Bangs the day before Bangs died, which happened the same week mixing was completed on the album, and that Bangs liked it:
Some of his friends insist that at the end, Lester had given up on rock 'n' roll. You don't think he would have?

There is no telling. Just by accident I happened to see him the last day, Thursday night. I bellowed up there and I happened to have a tape of Destiny Street, which was finally mixed after a year. He was there, [his girlfriend] had been there and left. We listened to it. Maybe the reason he died was if he was writing something, like finishing a book, it usually meant he was taking a lot of speed and staying up for like five nights at a time and no matter how strong his constitution was, that weakened him. He had the flu and he fucked up. I started to play the album--he went into the next room and had a handful of something with a stubborn, stupid look on his face and washed it down. I said, "What was that?' "Valium," he said. We listened to the whole record in silence. It looked to me like he was sleeping, but once in a while, like at the end of "Ignore that Door," he would give a little smile. I'm glad I got to play it for him--he liked it. He was frustrated and but he wasn't particularly unhappy--certainly by no means did he intend to kill himself. If anyone suggests something like that it's a complete lie. Despite whatever damage he may have done to himself, he was just as alive and as vital and as humorous and funny and as smart as he ever was.

That's from an interview at http://www.furious.com/perfect/quine/quinederogatis.html

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