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Punk Valentine

Posted by:JM (‘jane_meeuws@publicis-usa.com’)
Posted on: 20 Feb 2001
I love Richard Hell. Did anyone see the reading at St Marks Church on valentine's day? I did. Here's a few observations:

1) Richard wore a black long sleeved tee shirt with flames going down the right arm.

2) He read a random sampling of his work (although he seemed to have a um... love theme in there sort of.)

3) His hair is short not like on the book sleeve of "Go Now". And no gray. If your out there, We like this better Richard. It is a good cut. (what do you think Richard's hairdresser thinks about cutting the hair? -- do you think he or she appreciates this?)

4) He was with some woman. He looked pretty happy. He laughed a lot during the other poet's reading and I wasn't sure if this was rude or not.

5) He looks healthy. Not overweight at all. Fully expected him to be grey and fat. He's not.

6) He has nice teeth (not ususal for a former heroin addict). He still has a southern accent.

7) He was funny in his typical self deprecating way. Everyone laughed a lot. He kept throwing his papers on the floor as he read.

8) He took his glasses off to read (they were black framed and kind of large) I guess that means that he is farsighted.

8) He didn't seem to make much eye contact or was looking at someone in the back. One thing though: He ended the whole thing with a reading from his new book which ended with an agressive "I'd Like to FUCKYOUUPTHEASS" When he did this he laid his eyes directly on my (buxom, kind of bomb shell) friend. I think that mean't he liked her.

9) She is not coming with me next time.

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