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my Feb. 14 reading & other responses

Posted by:Richard Hell (‘in forum heading’)
Posted on: 23 Feb 2001
Hi, I wanted to thank Carolyn and JM for their reports on my reading at St. Mark's Church on Valentine's. I'm always ambivalent about my poetry readings. I never even know whether to encourage people to come or not. On the one hand I want to have my effect, have my way with people, on the other hand I feel like some other me-person wrote these things I'm reading out loud and that anyway the whole concept of reading aloud what should actually melt in people's minds is lame and ridiculous... I have to hide my embarrassment. But the thing is I know I'm pretty good at it because I have so many reservations about doing it I've found ways to give it dimensions... Still I'm never sure whether it's worked the way I want it to. The delicate thing is the line between "entertainment" and some kind of faith in "poetry," not to mention wanting to stir certain things up in people. Anyway, thanks. I had a good time that night. I swear I wasn't looking at anybody in particular when I said that line about wanting to go up her ass, though.

And, to Smell the Glove about the song "Time Stands Still" that that Betrock article mentions we did... I'd forgotten we tried a version of that when we were recording that album. It's not the same song as "Time." It's a song that never got an official release.

Also the guy "Roger Jett" in Smithereens that TommyDBA asks about... Damn it I can't remember his real name right this moment. It was one of those cases where he had to make up a name just for that movie, because for legal reasons he technically shouldn't have been doing it. He was a good guy whose main thing was acting and singing in musicals I think. If I'm not mistaken, there'd been some big scandal around his supposed to have been playing the title role in the Leonard Bernstein CANDIDE. In more trivia, he also was actually responsible for the spraypaint work on the sheet on the bed on the cover of DESTINY STREET. That sheet was originally a backdrop for some shows we did at the Peppermint Lounge back then ('82?). It was a little drawing I did in a notebook, and I found out that "Roger Jett" was handy with paintcans and got him to do this giant blow-up version of the little drawing on a sheet for us to use at the gigs. It was an amazingly exact enlargemant of the notebook colored-pencil thing.

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