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NYC, Towers disaster Sept. 11...14

Posted by:Richard Hell
Posted on: 11 Sep 2001
I am fine and so is every one immediately around me. The only people I can think of that I know who live or work in the district around the attack site are some of Sonic Youth and Thurston Moore's sent out email explaining that all of them are accounted for and o.k.

What it's like here: the smoke outside, huge expanses of it blowing east from that crater downtown; the disruption of everything in the city and weird amputation feeling when you look and the towers are missing. The whole city re-organized by the police and National Guard into clear emergency routes. Continuous streams of emergency vehicles and unmarked official cars going back and forth on the main routes. No one in the Post Office. No in the bank. Long lines at the supermarkets.

Already the idea of the site is scary. You can see how places seem haunted. You have to close off the place in your brain that can imagine the intensity of the inside of those buildings for the hour and a half they stood after first being hit. And those closed off places in the brain will inhabit that location for as long as anyone remembers what happened there.

But, forgive me, why do we have to have a monkey for president? Save us from him too.

I know the awful politicians will feed a frenzy of revenge so they can bask in the easy (self-) congratulations of it. Please may they just have the restraint and soul, not to mention wisdom, to not be utterly ruled by self-righteous blood-lust.

It's impossibly gruesome to think of all the pain created by what happened there today, but eventually is there any chance some Americans will suspect that America must have unjustly inflicted some pain too to create the level of hatred that certain groups and cultures feel for us around the world? I can't help wondering that at this time too. But I shouldn't talk like that now. I don't want to be like them (the public officials).

I think the great majority of people in history have lived through wars.

[Wording slightly revised Friday, September 14.
And to say how I feel grateful to Mayor Giuliani for the way he's handled things here. It doesn't seem like that job could be done better. And the firefighters! I feel a little guilty for pontificating above even though I'm saying things I believe. What do I know? Now sadness at it all and respect for and gratitude to the people who're trying to help.]

[And, Sept. 17 followup message (with links) here: www.richardhell.com/cgi-bin/forum/showmessage.asp?messageID=1366]

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