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followup NYC report

Posted by:Richard Hell
Posted on: 17 Sep 2001
Personally, for some reason the sadness and dread just get worse.

I slept o.k. the first few days. Now I can't sleep. Two days ago I woke up during the night to a dizzy nauseating feeling that my bed was sliding and spinning as if it were a boat in bad water. Yesterday we celebrated my daughter's 16th birthday. It was a good day but afterwards I couldn't sleep.

The initial shock has shaded into a continuous sense of the violence at large and America's wielding of it. This is not "liberal guilt"--it's just a reaction to Bush and co.'s horrible self-satisfied attempts to deceive and manipulate us and play to our worst instincts. I remember Vietnam (and El Salvador and the Gulf War...) and what I learned watching the government and the mass media then.

I'm going to add more to this later--I've got to go out now--but I wanted to make available this short information-loaded essay that we've just put up at www.richardhell.com/mosqueda.html. It's by Larry Mosqueda, a teacher at The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA), and's about America's military impositions and the present situation. It was relayed by Thurston Moore.

There's more food for thought at www.counterpunch.org, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair's political newsletter, specifically www.counterpunch.org/prashad.html, Vijay Prashad's account of recent U.S./Middle East history [thanks Julian Bevan for those URLs].

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