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.....my last two cents

Posted by:rudeboy666 (‘i12xu@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 19 Sep 2001
Let's be honest, a lot of activists are[and have always been] anti-American. According to them, it seems that all the evil that befalls the world springs from America's womb. Nothing you could say or do will convince them otherwise.

Still, that does not mean that a lot of their critiques are necesarilly wrong[a lot of them are correct!]It is just that they seem to go overboard in their reading of history and foreign policy. Ultimately, they end up alienating the common man and they end up giving comfort to reactionary forces on the right.

This is sad because we really need some resonable voices of dissent in a warmongering enviroment. The 'blame America'/'it had it coming' sentiment is certainly not the voice we need right now.

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