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Bush to Congress; Chomsky interv., etc.

Posted by:Richard Hell
Posted on: 21 Sep 2001
Here we go. That was so scary, not least because Bush seemed less clownish than before--fewer of his tics and signals of squint-eyes ("I'm sincerely tough," otherwise known as, "I'm not too smart"), screw-mouth-to-one-side corner-of-lower-lip-bite ("but I'm thoughtful, compassionate, and humble" otherwise known as, "I'm a fraud and don't even know it"), etc.--he managed to come off as a plausible "leader" in his tone and demeanor. Of course the people who respect him probably didn't object to his meager and obvious repertoire of facial expressions before anyway, but I'm afraid he won some new supporters last night.

I'm not going to try and go into details about why his macho (while actually spineless, being so politically easy, not to mention cruel), "God is on our side" campaign is terrible. I'm too worn out, especially considering we can consult and refer to some true experts via such as this Sept. 18 interview with Noam Chomsky at www.richardhell.com/chomsky.html which happens to refer to Robert Fisk, eminent correspondent for the U.K. Independent in Afghanistan and the Mid-East, whose article about what U.S. military action there would mean can be seen at www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=94254. [Thanks Sara Rosen for these.]

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