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the situation in California

Posted by:Adam Gnade (‘adamgnade@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 23 Sep 2001
Just in case anyone wants to know the situation across the county: San Diego, things beginning to fall apart ... some jerkoff throws a firecracker thru the window of a Mosque down the street from where I'm staying and the cops go crazy ... bomb threats daily, hourly ... local punk scene throwing down their cynicism to rally a bit ... flags EVERYWHERE, seriously everywhere ... pissed rednecks in the East County ready to "blow shit up" ... kids my age being deployed to the Middle East, once babies, now soldiers ... Muslim liqour store owners boarding themselves up and doing business thru window-pass-spaces ... and me, busy as a bee. Most people I know are, in some way or form, journalists, and even those involved in the entertainment side (arts writers, music critics, etc.) are pulling together and documenting this thing like mad. Everyone's got a website and everyone's a Dan Rather, for better or worse. So, I'll leave the editorializing alone for a few minutes, chill on the doomsday talk, and end here. (fill in the blank) bless us everyone. --Adam Gnade

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