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Optimistic outlook.

Posted by:jm (‘janeameeuws@cs.com’)
Posted on: 28 Sep 2001
This (momentary restraint) of the American government is what is giving me a sense of encouragment at this time. Can it be that we have actually learned from our mistakes in the past? Have we evolved in some sense, in correlation with the reality of technoligical advancements of our weapons of destruction?. Has our advancements in communciations actually brought about an advancement in a broad base humanistic understanding?. Can this translate into a period of grace and enlightenment for us as a species?

It may be too soon but I see threads of this and I hope that I see more. Disaster can often be the impetous in times like this, unfortunately. Yes we should all lobby for a peaceful solution-- furthermore, I feel that I see a cumulative effect of peace efforts worldwide over the past 40 years and this is enormously encouraging.

We evolve as a species or we do not survive at all going forward. I hope we all assume a role in this effort.

My optimism view my be disapointed at any moment. But for now I see a beautiful future resulting from the good energy of us all.

Optimistically yours.

Jane M.

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