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The Masks of God

Posted by:Dolores
Posted on: 1 Oct 2001
Two Sundays ago I went to listen to Tibetan bells and bowls being played by a man at this place called The Center For Self Teaching. He led us through a meditation about the WTC bombing after talking about the many ways people are reacting to the event.
He talked in metaphysical terms about our chakras and how the first chakra is the one that enables us to kill others for a cause or survival. The fourth chakras is what helps us serve from the heart. Many flag-waving angry Americans are coming from the first chakra maybe out of fear or as a knee-jerk reaction. I know that when I think about killing people I don't know (especially downtrodden Aphganistan citizens who are being ruled by the network of the Taliban) I can't get behind the idea. It is like a crippled insane person who is aiming a gun at me. I feel sad, sick and I want to know what went wrong, and when.
Why should we be united in hate and killing instead of united in love and caring? Like, what is it about the history of American politics and the American way of life that would get someone psyched up enough to plan a suicide bombing mission at least a year ahead of time and follow through with it? Did we ever fail to listen? Many say we are dealing with crazy people, but I am wondering what made them that way? Why did the United States give money to the Taliban in the past? Why do Americans buy drugs from Afganistan? I understand that America uses up 60 percent of the world's resources even though we make up 6 percent of the population. We have a lot of guilt about that, I am sure. Just as not every Arab is a terrorist, not every American is a greedy wasteful materialist. If there was only ONE man to take out, I could stand behind that, but it isn't that simple. How many of us would be willing to fly an airplane into a skyscraper knowing we were going to die? It IS hard to take an original stance on this issue without sounding "UnAmerican" but I am thankful for those people who are looking for the shades of grey and taking time to think about what it all means and what action is best. I am glad we aren't carpet bombing but investigating first.

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