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went peace marching & this Sunday

Posted by:Richard Hell
Posted on: 1 Oct 2001
At the end of last week I was looking for some kind of local action I could participate in to show opposition to America waging war in retaliation for the WTC attack. I found a mention at Indymedia (nyc.indymedia.org/) of a march scheduled for Saturday. I couldn't find any confirmation of it anywhere (I now know www.geocities.com/artandpolitics/events/index.html also lists NYC anti-war activities [Thanks Patty Heffley.]), but on Saturday we (daughter and I) went to Bryant Park and sure enough there was a crowd getting ready to start for Union Square. (I'm hoping there'll materialize quickly a reliable "clearing-house" central place for info about upcoming actions, etc.... Or maybe I'm just not aware--if so please let me know.) (Also, sorry for all this local info here--pretty soon we'll get up an "anti-war info" page instead.)

The march was great. The crowd was "only" 500-1000 (I heard the better publicized march a week ago Friday drew nearer to 5,000), but it was really satisfying to be demonstrating opposition when all the big politicians and the major media behaves as if there is none. It's important not to let Bush use the horror, grief, and outrage at the WTC disaster to get carte blanche for his administration to take whatever military action they choose (not to mention curtail freedoms here). Do you trust the likes of Bush to do whatever he wants both internationally and domestically--regardless of existing laws--in the name of countering the WTC attackers? He's trying to assume that power when he calls this a "war." At www.warisnottheanswer.com there's a funny, interesting insight from another Chomsky interview:
"Or take the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. There were immediate calls for bombing the Middle East, and it probably would have happened if even a remote hint of a link had been found. When it was found to be a militia-based bombing, there was no call to obliterate Montana and Idaho. Rather, there was a search for the perpetrator, who was found, brought to court and sentenced..."
I got a powerful heartening feeling from the marchers and it also really felt as if there was more support or at least sympathy from the onlookers than there was hostility. Some joined in the march. I had a hard time chanting, but I ended up getting fairly into it (for short periods). All in all it really made my week.

I went to a local anti-war group meeting tonight. That was interesting. They're very serious and are working hard in a lot of different ways while making all their decisions by consensus (rather than majority vote for instance), which can make for some LONG discussions of some pretty minor-seeming issues, but everybody has as equal a voice as possible, which is... interesting (sure way beats Bush martial law)... I'm going again to the next one.

There's going to be another march Sunday (the 7th), this time from Union Square to Bryant Park, leaving Union Square at 3:00 PM. I hope anybody who can will come.

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