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September 11

Posted by:Jeff Cumpson (‘jeffcumpson@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 13 Nov 2001
Why does an expression of patriotism mean that those doing the expressing feel that they are superior to other kinds of people? Last time I checked, hanging a flag outside of your house or on your car did not signify a hatred for Angola, or any of the other countries Richard Hell listed as targets. (The better question is, "Why do Liberals take patriotism and nationalism as an insult?") Maybe those of us reaffirming our support for America are compelled to do so because the values that this country was founded upon (notice I did not say "currently operates upon") have come under attack recently by both terrorists and our own citizens. If the intellectual and "artistic" (I mean, we are talking about Hollywood here) didn't try and make everyone feel so bad about being an American, it would go without saying that we were all supporting our country.

But are we all supporting our country, even if we are proud to be Americans? Maybe we are, maybe we aren't. Unlike countries like Afghanistan, though, we have the opportunity to put someone in power whose actions we might support. Don't come to me with arguments about the system. It's the best one so far, and if you don't like it or don't think it works, please either come up with a new one or leave this country. (Something you can do because of our respect for personal freedom. That's kind of ironic, don't you think?)

I am so enraged with what you have been saying, Mr. Hell, that I can't even think straight, so I hope I'm not leaving too much out. But here's something that I know I won't forget. It's the infamous "Liberal Double-Standard", and you provide a textbook example of it. What if I were to post a message on your board claiming that Jesse Jackson was a "monkey"? And then I proceeded to deride Ralph Nader for his "weird eye thing"? And then, to top it off, I assumed that "if Al Gore were in office right now, we'd be in real trouble"? Let me tell you what would happen. I would be called a racist, insensitive, stereotyping right-wing wacko. But because you are a liberal, and are free from the constraints of logic and perception, you are allowed to insult our elected leader and presume that he does not know how to respond to such a crisis. Then, you have the gall to veil a retraction of your statements in an insult, by saying that "maybe" President Bush knows what he's doing. Ding-dong, you were wrong! You mentioned your daughter just turned 16. I really hope she has some other influences in her life because, while I applaud your refusal to conform to certain thought standards, I am not as thrilled with your close-minded outlook. (God, it feels to good to call a Liberal close-minded.)

By the way, if you're wondering how I happened onto this site, I'd like to say that I'm not part of some conservative watchdog group. I was actually thinking of getting into some of your literary and musical works. Yep, I like "punk rock". And that's fortunate, because it allows me to see through bullshit.

Jeff Cumpson

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