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Resp. to "Shocked and Horrified" pt. 2

Posted by:Jonathan Harrington (‘jharrington@cahners.com’)
Posted on: 21 Nov 2001
spoke at the memorial service at Yankee Stadium, "it is 1 death multiplied 10,000 times." Yes, and 1 death multiplied 8 million times. We actually agree on much of what you have to say. It's your appalling, nearly abusive insensitivity that shocks and horrifies me. You lamely assert that the "heartfelt," and "heart wrenching" and "poignant" stories of those who "lost family members" that we "are being fed...should not be diminished." But the entire sneering tone of your invective does diminish them. More, it insults us all in the midst of our mourning.

I am not a political scientist nor a scholar. I am a poet and novelist and the author of seven books. I do not pretend to have the extensive knowledge of US foreign policy that you do, Dr. Mosqueda. However, I take offense at your patronizing accusation that I have been "fed a continuous stream of shocking and horrific repeated images of Tuesday's events." The media cannot "feed" any of us anything. We willingly choose to open a newspaper, turn on a TV, or open and read e-mails such as yours that came to me unsolicited. I have no desire to watch the events of Sept 11 on TV. I am a person of conscience. I was an eye-witness to the mass murder of perhaps as many as 8,000 people. No one "fed" me that image. I would do anything if I could change that day and not have been where I was in downtown Manhattan on September 11. Now, that image of towers burning, people jumping to their deaths, and the towers collapsing may never leave my mind. I am writing to you because I share your shock and horror at all outrages and atrocities committed against humanity. I share your desire for peace and justice. I share your desire to end the "conditions that create injustices and war crimes." Every single one of them, not just the ones you have selected to prove your point.

Now, I ask you to join me in showing some respect for all of the dead and murdered of all times and in all places.

Jonathan Harrington

PS. In the interest of NOT eliminating my views from "public discourse and public consciousness," please forward my remarks to your e-mail list, and circulate them to your associates as I have circulated yours. Thanks.

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