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Re: War and Peace

Posted by:Jonathan (‘throwaways@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 2 Dec 2001
Mooby, I agree with you wholeheartedly that the United States government is neck-deep in corruption. Besides helping to create the Taliban, the U.S. also sold weapons to Iraq for years before the Gulf War...and in 1997 provided neutron bomb technology for China. Not a pretty picture any way you look at it.
I don't want my government attempting to run the world, but such is the reality of foreign policy. It's the way these people work. I am aware of this fact and in no way do I support it. What I'm saying is that, without reference to ANYTHING else, there had to be a response to the WTC tragedy...and I fully believe that a military response was the correct one.
Right around the time the bombing began, bin Laden made what is tantamount to a confession, saying something to the effect that the September 11th attacks were "only the beginning." Do you think someone who is THIS fucked understands any language other than violence? I hate to even ask that question. I never thought I would be supportive of a U.S. military operation, but in this case I am.
And no, J.G., I don't think the Afghans should "pay". The man who should pay is this fanatically religious billionaire, who exploited as many equally fanatical--but poor and uneducated--people as he could to suit his own ends.
I want to work toward peace, too. I still think it's possible. But for now, I feel that what is being done--however unpleasant--is necessary.

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