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Re: "without reference..."

Posted by:Jonathan (‘throwaways@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 2 Dec 2001
Mooby, to address your argument point by point:

1. I am hardly confusing justice with revenge. A military response was called for because the WTC attacks were an act of war. This is the real world; nations have military forces for a reason. When you are attacked, you defend yourself. No, the people who died won't return from the grave because the U.S. bombed Afghanistan, but what is the other option? Just sit back and say, "Oh, what a horrible tragedy. We can't retaliate, though...it would look bad."

2. Nobody suspects you of planning the attacks because you're not an unhinged Islamic fundamentalist with billions of dollars at your disposal. And just why DO all these people want to wage a holy war against the U.S.? The Middle East has been under Moslem control for a much longer time than any Western power was ever exerted in that part of the world. As far as I can tell, all the Moslems who are so righteously angry at us have no legitimate gripe, except for the Palestinians. What it boils down to is fanaticism;they want Islam to take over the world, and they will kill anyone in their way.

3. Obviously, you think you have me pegged as a flag-waving nutjob. I can't really argue this point with you, as you already have your mind made up. But YES, I want bin Laden to pay. I know that innocent Afghan civilians are dying right now, and I'm not at all happy about it. But there are casualties in war.

Everyone forgive me if I look like the callous asshole of the message board. I'm an average, easygoing guy, and I don't sit around and fantasize about what kind of guns and tanks they're using in the war. I'm just glad that America is defending itself.

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