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what i think.

Posted by:honda lulu (‘mr-love@angelfire.com’)
Posted on: 15 Mar 2002
ok. a book that i like is: your life, richard hell.

i guess i just went to the reading upstairs at the garage to check up what my "punk rock dream come true" was up to nowadays, what he looks like, what kind of stuff he's writing. y'know like to check up on a relative you haven't visited in ages despite the fact there's an outta date photo of them on your wall (or in this case, my bedroom mirror). regardless...

well man you've been keeping fit, and true to your punk rock roots in charming prose and some well timed poetic delivery. more a gig than a reading tho, despite the lack of ugh, a band. i mean K. Vonnegut didn't have a dj spinning top records prior to the reading i saw him at. nor did doug coupland, who has more punk rock cred, but is stull stuck in the confines of quiet local bookshops. but those places tend to be full of stick in the mud types anyways, so i'm not complaining. i can say 100 percent honest, R Hell pulled in the sexiest crowd i've ever witnessed at any reading, ever.

my fav. story called "not that kind of girl" highlighted the evening with what seemed the most honest point of the reading. the audience, and obviously guilty of hero worship and ready to be amazed, seemed to respond well to this tale of debautchery and mistaken identities with snorts of laughter and knowing grins directed at who knows. this is the stuff we want to know about our heros though. not how many lives you saved but how many chicks you've laid. fess up and keep us happy... who cares if it is fiction or non.

so either he's the most accomplished fiction writer or has lead a fail proof life to keep us listening/reading. or both. in any event punk rock ich nicht tot and is posed tentitively behind a typrewriter somewhere in NYC, an instrument that can keep time as well as any bass guitar can... man.

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