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Dee Dee

Posted by:Carole Anne Marko (‘cmarko@openface.ca’)
Posted on: 12 Jun 2002
I really liked what Richard had to say about Dee Dee.
It was very honest and simple but very heartfelt.
I never knew alot about Dee Dee only what most everyone has heard I suppose. Some things not so good. There was just something about him though, that picture that Richard posted of him and Dee Dee is the most beautifly picture I've ever seen of Dee Dee, yes there was something very puppylike about him. And I do believe he was the core of the Ramones. I saw them in 78 and 79 in Montreal. Me and my sister always got Rockscene and I think Dee Dee was in every single one up to a point somewhere, it immortalized him. He was the center of the scene. The 79 shows just blew us away, never seen anything like it. Usually concerts can make you feel drained but after the 2 nites we saw them I felt a burst of energy and happiness. It's one of my most fondest memories. We'll miss you Dee Dee. Even tho we never heard much about you anymore it was just nice to know that you were still in this world. Carole 2002

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